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Consignment Service

The Brooklands Green Exclusive solution

For owners or collectors of classic, youngtimer of exclusive cars that wish to part with their beloved car but don't want to be bothered with the many complex aspects of selling their car; Brooklands Green offers a service that will completely handels the sales process of your car. At Brooklands Green we are specialized at handling all phases of the sales process of your exotic car. From the beginning until the final sale of the car, our clients know what they are up to and what agreements have been made. The costs for the service are transparent and are discussed in advance ,so there are no unpleasent surprises afterwards.

What we offer:

We start with a consultation meeting in which we determine the selling price of the car. After an agreement has been found on the price and the conditions have been discussed, the car will be personally collected by us. Your car will be thoroughly cleaned inside and out. The car then gets a complete detailed treatment before it appears in our showroom. We make various professional photo shoots of the car that are used for both online and offline advertisements. Copies of the photos will be sent to you if desired. Only seriously interested people can possibly take a test drive in your car, and each time this will take place under strict supervision under the right conditions. Before and after each test drive your car is checked and cleaned from the inside and outside. Periodically, all liquids are checked and, if necessary, refilled with the correct liquids. The battery will be periodically recharged to guarantee good battery life. Tire pressure is monitored and maintained by us. We will conduct all sales negotiations and keep you informed about the results. When a customer wants to buy your car for the price we have set with you, we handle all administrative actions, but only after your personal approval.

Advantages of the Brooklands Green Consignment Service:

We can collect your car anywhere in the European Union.

Your car will always be displayed in a dry, safe and secure enviroment.

Your car will be advertised in several worldwide prominent magazines and online. We may also bring your car to several car collector events to bring your car under the scope of the right target group.

The car will always be cleaned and detailed whenever needed.

We only allow trial runs for seriously interested parties, under our own supervision and only under the right     circumstances. We will also refuel the car after each test drive.

The liquids of your car are periodically checked and if necessary replenished, only with the right fluids.

The battery of your car will be recharged by us.

We handle all administrative actions after the sale is concluded.

Costs of the Brooklands Green Consignment Service:

We charge €100 per car per month and a commision depending on sale value. For more information of the costs for our full service, please send us a email about the car that you want to sell.